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     I’m Julie Madrid

    Lip-smacking good food, breathtaking scenery, and a plush bed to sink into at the end of a long day spent exploring are just a few of my travel “musts.” But what I’m truly obsessed with while traveling is getting to glimpse how people in the past lived. Historic home tours are my weakness; I can’t stroll or sail past a castle, abbey, or manor house without being tempted to peek inside!

    And while it’s eye-opening to see how differently people have existed through the ages, all across the world—what I’m most struck by when I travel is just how similar we really are.

    I remember heading down to the basement of the Louvre—built in the 12th century, but only unearthed in 1986!—on an intimate tour. Our guide told us how the stonemasons, who couldn’t read or write, still chiseled their “names” into the stones they laid by using a symbol specific to them. I peered at the centuries-old stones and could just make out their symbols imprinted in the stone. I got chills as I thought about all that I had in common with these men.. and all of humankind.. that have gone before us.

    That revealing peek into the past is what drives Vacations Inspired today.

    Founder of Vacations Inspired

    discover the cultural wonders

    My clients are insatiably curious travelers, always on the hunt for discoveries that will help them understand more about our incredible world. I’m honored to use my deep knowledge and insider travel connections, cultivated over the past 10 years that I’ve worked in the travel industry, to open new doors for them.

    And I’d love to do the same for you. Because truly revealing travel takes careful planning and “in-the-know” access. I’ll help you uncover the past and dive deeper into your own passions through a curated itinerary that’s full of private tours, immersive experiences, and culturally rich excursions you just can’t find with a few clicks on Google.

    If you’re ready to take a revealing step back in time—whether to discover the cultural wonders our ancestors have built, or the wild landscapes shaped through the ages—I’m here to help. Reach out today to tell me more about the travel experience you’re craving, and then I’ll set up your complimentary consultation call to get started.


    Astounding history awaits—and it’s yours to discover. 

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    You deserve a travel experience that’s richly rewarding, endlessly inspiring, and effortless in every way. Let me make it happen for you!


     I have a habit of jetting off to more “unusual” places that most tourists overlook, like Lithuania, Poland, Guatemala, and Vietnam

    My obsession with seeing how other people live isn’t just limited to travel; my friends and I love touring model homes whenever we can.

    I love penguins, and I’m dying to send clients to places like Antarctica, where they can see the birds up close (and then send me pictures!)

    Generally, my “favorite” destination is simply the last one I visited—but my most “surprising” destination? France! I fell in love with the country a lot more than I thought I would while sailing down the Seine on a river cruise.

    Still on my “must see” list? I would love to cruise the Greek islands and Turkey, with a focus on exploring Paul’s missionary journeys there.

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